Little Caesars

Little Caesars Pizza  |  Mobile App Design


Little Caesars is a successful pizza chain that wants to expand their digital presence and develop a mobile app. The objective is to create an efficient, enjoyable mobile experience to reach both current and potential tech-savvy customers.

This project was designed by Sarah Lin, Helen Hu, & Affan Khokhar.


Adobe Illustrator, POP App, Axure, Flinto, Omnigraffle, pen & paper


I performed detailed competitive analysis, sketched layouts for comparisons and iterations, compiled research data, created wireframes, and organized the final presentation.

Final Mockup

Final Mockup

Competitive Analysis


I sketched out a competitive analysis of the mobile layout and flow of three competitor apps and one mobile site, then compared features they included and what order they were in.

From this, we learned industry standards and necessary features. This helped us create sketches and future prototypes, as well as come up with feature options and flows for our user survey.


User Survey

We surveyed over 200 possible users through & Google Consumer Surveys, pulling over 60 qualitative answers. We asked,

"Which of the following features would you like to have in a food-ordering app?"

We concluded that based on user response, a food-ordering app should be efficient, reliable, and customizable. Visual menu, order confirmation, delivery tracking, & the ability to view saved orders are essential.

Google Consumers Survey 2014

User Personas

Based on our results, we created personas that represented Little Caesars' users and would help tell a story. 
Click through to see the flow of our personas, Matt and Vanessa. 

User Testing

We created a prototype with our wireframes and tested with users for usability. This allowed us to focus on functionality and flow. We further conducted user testing with our mockup, which was created in Adobe Illustrator & Flinto. A visual, high-fidelity version gave users a clearer idea of what the app would actually look like.

Form and function both matter. We swapped out an overly-orange color scheme for one that was easier on the eyes. Screens with unnecessary scrolling were condensed for simpler navigation. User testing revealed problems such as unclear verbiage and ambiguity on what was clickable and what wasn't.

Final Prototype

Testing users with our wireframes allowed us to look specifically at function and layout organization. Our visual mockup revealed problems with visual cues (like what was a header and what was a button). 

So we went back and iterated on our prototype to bring you our final visual mockup and working prototype through InVision.

Our prototype is fully functioning to allow our users to test flows. Go ahead, try it! You can also build your own custom pizza through our Axure prototype below.